The Gamma Knife Krefeld Centre

We are a multidisciplinary, professional medical association specialising in neurosurgery and radiotherapy. We work in close collaboration with the HELIOS HOSPITAL in Krefeld, a state-of-the-art, maximum care hospital with a radiosurgery outpatient department. As a supra-regional centre we co-operate closely both with the Helios hospital in Krefeld and several neurosurgical university hospitals and university eye centres. We regard our task as that of a medical service provider for all parties concerned - patients, colleagues and cost centres!

Our practice depends on the people who work every day to help you get better. Since 1998 our highly motivated and skilled team has built up experience from over 7,000 successful treatments and stands for quality and performance in radiosurgery.

To guarantee our quality and performance, our quality management has been run according to ISO 9001 right from the beginning. That makes the Gamma Knife Centre in Krefeld the first and so far the only radiosurgical establishment anywhere in the world where not only the quality of service is subject to quality management, but also the whole medical treatment process right up to examination of results. That is a good thing. For everyone.