Axesse –
The future generation of linear accelerators

Precision on all fronts

The major innovation of Axesse lies in the absolute precision of the radiotherapy through integrated CT scans. High-resolution images highlight tumours and surrounding organs during treatment. The treatment plan and treatment position are determined on the basis of the data calculated in combination with other imaging techniques such as high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which is also dedicated to stereotactic therapy in our establishment. Despite generally non-invasive attachment, the automated patient set-up system, that can be moved in all directions, ensures the precise positioning to the nearest submillimetre of both patient and tumour for accurate treatment. Consequently, tumours and metastases anywhere in the body, e.g. in the prostate, lungs, liver and spinal column can be successfully treated appropriately as indicated.

Rapid, non-invasive, out-patient therapy

As with Gamma Knife treatment, the focussing of radiation sources with millimetre precision creates a highly effective radiation field that accurately targets the tumour. The surrounding healthy tissue is affected to minimal extent. Thanks to the high performance of the device, treatment periods are extremely short, sometimes lasting only a few minutes. Its open design and low noise level create a pleasant environment. Stereotactic treatment with Axesse is an effective, efficient alternative to surgical tumour removal, thereby avoiding invasive procedures associated with prolonged hospital stays.