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High performance through experience

The Leksell Gamma Knife from Elekta is the Gold Standard in radiosurgery. The unique treatment method was developed by Lars Leksell in 1968. Continual improvements guarantee optimum efficacy today. Used in approximately one million procedures, Gamma Knife radiosurgery has the longest and most extensive treatment portfolio in the world. Precision, dose distribution, scatter radiation, duration of treatment and comfort have been substantially improved thanks to the range of Perfexion Gamma Knife products now used in Krefeld.

Skull indications

A Gamma Knife is a high-precision radiotherapy device for the radiosurgical treatment of various diseases within the skull. These include pathogenic changes to the blood vessels and nerves as well as brain and eye tumours.

Similar to the way in which a magnifying glass works, 192 low-dose cobalt 60 radiation sources are focused together on a single target point with submillimetre accuracy. This is the only point to receive a therapeutically effective overall dose of radiation, so that the diseased area is destroyed whilst the surrounding healthy tissue remains almost completely unaffected. A large number of clinical studies from over 40 years clearly show that this treatment is very safe and effective.

Single out-patient treatment saves costs

Another great advantage of radiosurgical treatment using a Gamma Knife is that it can usually be treated in a single out-patient procedure. After a short recovery period, patients can go home directly after the treatment. This avoids the need for long-term rehabilitation measures and the associated lost working time following treatment.