Advice and diagnosis

We want you to know what we are doing

We believe that it is only natural that we inform you - before you have any treatment - in detail. This applies not only to the nature and extent of your disease but also about all of the treatments available - not only treatment with our radiosurgical methods. You will benefit from our many years of experience as radiosurgeons and operating neurosurgeons.

The aim of our consultation is to inform you about the treatment method, its success rate, the risk of side-effects and possible alternative treatments.After the consultation you should have sufficient information to make the important decision to be treated at the Gamma Knife Krefeld Centre.

The first thing is the indication

Most often, the patient's first contact with our centre is by telephone. Our medically trained staff determine whether all the necessary medical documentation and findings from imaging procedures are available. To avoid unnecessary travelling to and from our centre, you can send us these documents for appraisal. If treatment with the Gamma Knife appears to be indicated, we will contact you. We will then determine how to proceed. Of course, all this is also possible in a face-to-face consultation in Krefeld if we have all the documents to hand.

Further preparations for Gamma Knife treatment always include a detailed face-to-face consultation on our premises with the treating physician.

We always concentrate on you, the patient. For this reason we take enough time to clarify all of the issues that are important to you and your family. Some questions are almost always asked, and so we have answered the most important ones below.