Accession of new AOK health insurance companies

The AOK-Niedersachsen, AOK-Nordwest and AOK-Bremen and the MVZ Gamma Knife Center have concluded a contract

Kostenübernahme AOK Gesundheitskasse

Kostenübernahme AOK Gesundheitskasse

As of January 2021, AOK-Niedersachsen, AOK-Nordwest and AOK-Bremen will cover the costs of Gamma Knife irradiation.

Patients with tumors in the head-brain area can now take advantage of high-precision irradiation. Benign and malignant tumors (meningiomas, acoustic neuromas, hypopyhsenadenomas) as well as metastases are treated precisely and safely by radiosurgery with the Gamma Knife Icon.

Especially for small tumors (up to about 2.5 cm in diameter), single-stage irradiation can be performed quickly and precisely.

This is an invaluable advantage, especially in corona pandemic times, compared to fractionated irradiation, which lasts for several weeks.

Patients are the primary beneficiaries of this contract. Because now they no longer lose valuable life time to lengthy individual cost case decisions.