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Welcome to the Gamma Knife Center Krefeld

We are a multidisciplinary medical professional group for neurosurgery and radiotherapy, which offers outpatient radiosurgery in close cooperation with the Helios Klinikum Krefeld, a state-of-the-art maximum care hospital. As a supra-regionally active center, we also maintain close cooperation with several university hospitals in the field of neurosurgery and ophthalmology. We see ourselves as a medical service center for all parties involved - patients, colleagues and payers!

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Welcome to the Gamma Knife Center Hanover

We provide you with the complete radiosurgical spectrum: from all imaging procedures to hypofractionated irradiation using mask fixation, as well as single-time irradiation with stereotactic frame fixation to the head using the new Gamma Knife Icon. All precision medical equipment and specialists work hand in hand in one house - for you!

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Therapy despite corona pandemic

Despite the coronavirus, our practice is still open! If you are unable or unwilling to keep your appointment, please call +49 2151 82 560-0 (Krefeld) or +49 511 260 221-30 (Hanover) to cancel.

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The latest technology: the Gamma Knife Icon

The Gamma Knife Icon is the latest generation and proven to be the best treatment method for the head and neck area. Learn more about treatment with the Gamma Knife Icon.

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The stereotactic linear accelerator

The great innovation of the stereotactic linear accelerator lies in the absolute precision of the radiation therapy provided by the integrated computer tomography system. High-resolution images make tumors and surrounding organs visible during treatment. Learn more about the Axesse linear accelerator.

The best radiotherapy options for the head

The Gamma Knife Center Krefeld was one of the first to use Gamma Knife technology in Germany. Since 1998, more than 10,000 patients have been successfully treated. Many of the physicians practicing radiation surgery today were trained in Krefeld. Gamma Knife is still the leading technology for the treatment of tumors in the head region.

I am a freelance photographer and travel a lot around the world. I can't afford a long breakdown. The treatment was incredibly fast. Just three days ...

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The treatment is completely painless, it does not hurt at all. It takes about three to four hours. You basically come out almost cured. A huge thank you ...

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The treatment was painless, the places where the carriers are screwed on are simply anaesthetised. Like dentist's injections, but they go into the scalp. After two hours ...

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The news that metastases had formed in my head hit me hard as a self-employed person. The risks of open head surgery are not insignificant. In my search for alternatives ...

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I had just started my Master's degree when I was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma. I had been having hearing problems for some time, and an MRI unfortunately ...

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As a grandmother, I care a lot about seeing my grandchildren grow up. After I received my diagnosis, a benign pituitary adenoma, it was clear to me and my family ...

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