The following press roundup provides the latest press releases on our Gamma Knife Center and our physicians.

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“Hocheffektiv gegen Metastasen [Highly effective against metastases]”

07/2021 | Interview Dr. Bundschuh by “Die Schwester | Der Pfleger” – To the article

“Niemand hätte gedacht, dass ich das schaffe [Nobody would have thought I’d make it]”

06/2021 | Article by Brigitte Teigeler, mamazoneMAG – To the article

“Mit Strahlen gegen Hirnmetastasen [Beams versus brain metastases]”

01/2021 | Interview Dr. Bundschuh by “Mamma Mia! Medizin” – To the article

“Gamma Knife treatments”

11/2020 | Vereinigung Akustikus Neurinom e.V. (VAN) newsletter – To the article

“Ich helfe, wenn andere Chirurgen nichts mehr tun können [I help when other surgeons can do nothing more]”

2019 | Interview Dr. Bundschuh by Bauer Verlag – To the article