International patients

International Inquiries

For a first medical assessment you are welcome to provide us with your medical data e.g. relevant medical reports, as well as histopathology/biopsy findings and diagnostic imaging (CT, MRI, PET, etc.). You can provide these by post (CD-ROM).

Please submit your medical documents in German, English or French.

After reviewing your medical documents we will contact you immediately to discuss next steps concerning treatment, (travel) arrangements, cost estimate and payment.

Patients from European Union Countries

If you are living and/or working in an EU-country and have Health Insurance in this EU-country you might be eligible for cost coverage of the Gamma Knife treatment in our centers.

Please note that you need to apply for the “S2 certificate (Portable document S2, formerly “E112”) at your health insurance before the treatment has started. For further details please contact your health insurance company.

Patients from United Kingdom

If you are living/working in UK and fulfill certain qualifying criteria you might be entitled to NHS funding for your Gammaknife treatment in our centers.

For details please check the NHS UK Homepage / “S2 funding route”.