Gamma Knife shuts down brain tumor

A field report from student Sarah K. about her treatment at the Gamma Knife Center Hanover

News Beratung Gamma Knife Zentrum Hannover

In an article from PraxisVITA, Sarah K. reports on her illness with a hyophysis adenoma and her treatment at the Gamma Knife Center Hannover. There, Dr. Otto Bundschuh was at her side for consultation and during treatment.

Before Sarah learned about the Gamma Knife treatment method, she first underwent surgery. However, surgeons were unable to remove all of the tumor tissue in this operation because an artery was too close to the affected tissue. This resulted in the tumor tissue growing a year later, which would have required another surgery. In her search for a solution, Sarah came across the Gamma Knife Zentrum Hannover. Here, instead of surgery, so-called cobalt radiation sources are used to kill the brain tumor without surgery. As a result, the healthy tissue is hardly stressed. Sarah agreed to the Gamma Knife treatment method. One week after the treatment, Sarah has no more complaints. Her conclusion: “It’s a miracle that such a gentle Gamma Knife treatment beat such a serious disease!”

Source: PraxisVITA