What can be treated in the Gamma Knife Krefeld Centre?


As a specialist centre for radiosurgery and radiotherapy, we treat malignant and benign tumours, metastases, malformations of blood vessels and functional diseases. For this purpose we use the latest generation of high-performance stereotactic devices. The Gamma Knife Perfexion is used for the head and neck region whereas the Axesse linear accelerator is used for the rest of the body.

However, individual diagnosis and targeted individual patient treatment are absolutely crucial for the successful treatment of a disease in our centre. Clear discussion is essential in order to assess every case. Please Contact us to find out more.

The following are the most significant diseases that can be treated at the Gamma Knife Krefeld Centre at present:

Brain tumours

Head/neck tumours

  • Primary carcinoma
  • Metastases

Abdominal and spinal column tumours

  • Prostate cancer
  • Early stage lung tumours, lung metastases
  • Spinal column tumours and metastases
  • Liver metastases

Malformations of blood vessels

Tumours of the eyes

Functional diseases