How do we treat patients in the Gamma Knife
Krefeld Centre and what do we use?

Above all we treat our patients with respect. The personal approach is important to us. You are not a number and we are not just an address - nobody is anonymous at the Krefeld Centre.

For the radiosurgical treatment of tumours and metastases, we use the Perfexion Gamma Knife and the Axesse linear accelerator - two highly accurate radiation devices emitting individual beams with low doses of radiation focused to meet at one single point – similar to the way in which a magnifying glass works. This is the only point to receive a therapeutically effective overall dose of radiation, so that the diseased area is destroyed whilst the surrounding healthy tissue remains almost completely unaffected.

The gentle effect on the surrounding tissue and the low overall dose of radiation administered ensures that our radiosurgery therapy causes patients minimal stress. A number of clinical trials conducted over almost 50 years impressively confirm the extensive safety and efficacy of the treatment which has been continually improved since it was first used in 1968 and today is even more precise and efficient thanks to modern computer technology.